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Dr. Nagagouda giving Lessons
COCO, Connect Online | Connect Offline
COCO is a highly sophisticated data input system that forms the base of Digital Green's software stack. The creation of this system was inspired by persistent and at times debilitating issues at the field level, specifically technical issues in gathering and storing information. To alleviate these problems, Digital Green's software team conceived of a highly flexible and robust alternative that sought to make information gathering and input at Digital Green less error prone, fast, and resilient to persistent data connectivity issues in remote locations.

Most applicable to NGOs with a sizeable field operation, COCO's singular unique selling proposition is the ability to take the application offline in low and limited bandwidth locations, with uninterrupted usage in the browser. COCO is designed to support up to 100,000 users located anywhere in the world and only requires internet connectivity whenever a user is ready to synchronize their data with our global repository. Built as a robust standalone application in the Internet browser, COCO requires no additional software installation or maintenance. The system is designed in an open-source, customizable framework that can be deployed without the need of IT/engineering staff.

COCO is architected as a Java web-framework, similar to and in proximate feature parity with popular frameworks such as Django or Ruby on Rails. The core of COCO's framework comprises of a variety of open source technologies. In light of achieving maximum speed as a browser application, COCO is developed using the GWT 2.0 (Google Web Toolkit) Java-Javascript framework. To enable offline mode, COCO employs the use of Google Gears, a browser plug-in that provides a persistent Sqlite database to store data relationally and a local cache to access all requisite static content. For deployment in offline mode, a compiled Javascript file is generated and made available in Google Gear's local cache for access by the browser; COCO in online mode operates as any other web application. More details on our architecture will be available later.

Our paper on COCO, published in ACM-DEV:
Saureen Shah, Apurva Joshi, COCO: A Web-Based Data Tracking Architecture for Challenged Network Environments. Accepted at the ACM DEV 2010 Conference, Royal Holloway, University of London, December 17-18, 2010

Our database, as described in schema documentation, is available for download.

Analytics System
Analytics System forms the second layer on Digital Green software stack. Built on the COCO foundation, the Analytics System provides day-to-day business intelligence on field operations, performance targets, and basic ROI (return on investment) metrics relevant to the organization. The system is freely available and accessible online -- by clicking on the Analytics dropdown in the menu bar -- without the need of onerous technical infrastructure and expensive commerical licenses. We welcome NGOs willing to reuse and repurpose this system as per their requirements.