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You must have a genuine passion for rural development. Without passion, you will find what we're trying to do too difficult. There are much easier jobs.

You must want to work in a small non-profit/NGO.

We are building the capacities of real people and real organizations. This must excite you.

Digital Green wants you!

Actually, Digital Green needs you and wants to hire you assuming you are a 'hard working, technically gifted, team-oriented, experienced rural development leader'  

If you are interested in joining us, please keep reading. Digital Green is actively hiring highly qualified and dedicated individuals. Our hiring bar is unabashedly high, and we insist on keeping our team size small. This means the person occupying each and every spot must be among the most gifted in his or her field.

Digital Green offers highly dynamic and enabling work environment, and provides competitive compensation based on experience and background. Interested candidates should visit to learn more about Digital Green.

"Working with Digital Green was a great learning experience for me. I had good mentors who helped me to nurture my talents and knowledge. I also enjoyed two adventurous trips with the team."
Parth Nagar
Systems Engineer Intern